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"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Nelson Mandela

About me

About me

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, I grew up listening to many languages simultaneously.


I learnt 3 at the same time, including Portuguese at home, French and English at school.


Many people ask me, ‘what language do you think in?’ Hummmm... good question! I don’t know!

I can say though that context may sway my language choice at times, making my communication style unique, dynamic and never, ever boring!


From a very early age, I had found my passion; languages and teaching!

I went on to learn Spanish and Italian in college, studied Languages and Literature and, TESOL – Teaching English as a Second Language, certification.


Since I arrived to Portugal in 2000, I have taught English as a second language, from kindergarten to teens, from the corporate world to the realm of arts and culture.


In addition to my experience, in 2017 I decided to perfect my linguistic skills by getting certified and accredited as a Neurolanguage Coach®ELC – Efficient Language coaching by Rachel Paling.


A method that motivated me to get away from the traditional methods of teaching, with grammar books and tests. I shifted my classes into tailor made sessions, where coachees are more aware of the language they are learning.

Through my linguistic background, experience, and training, I have become the accomplished and professional teacher and coach I have always aspired to be. I would love to include you as part of my professional life, and if you are looking to exceed and excel, feel free to contact me.


Online Sessions

Flexible schedule.

Classes at your convenience.

In Company Training

Business English for professionals.

Helping you gain the confidence to understand, participate, lead meetings or conference calls in English.

  • Language diagnostics 


- Individual session to identify students linguistic necessity. 

- Goal defining sessions with group and/or individual student.


  •  Customized structure


- Tailored made classes, adapted &  designed to each client's needs.


  • Sessions for specific purposes


- Meetings, presentations, negotiations, interviews etc.

  •     Set Goals 


- Discuss goals, plans, strategy with Human Resourses, groups &/or individual students.


  • Organization

- Monthly updated attendance sheets and summaries.

- Track number of hours attended per students.

- Close relationship with HR to keep classes running efficiently and effectively.


Kind Words

"I found Annette at a crucial moment in my life! I already had some necessary English skills but had not practiced for many years!

I was able to successfully achieve my goals thanks to the extraordinary ability to teach and get me right to gain confidence in my English again! Without you, it would never have been possible to reach my dream job!"

Thank you!"

Rita Neves

"Classes with Annette were interesting because we reviewed the basics. Through grammar, games and phonetics. We spoke about various subjects. I am more comfortable when listening to others and when speaking."

Lucia Palhares - Owner of ONE -      O Nosso Espaço

"Is it with great satisfaction that I write this message to someone who makes me believe that learning English is possible. After several attempts trying to gain confidence to speak English, I had the enormous privilege of meeting Annette. She has helped me to eliminate this barrier of fear of speaking in English. In each class I gain this confidence, with the great opportunity to learn at home, through SKYPE, with interactive classes. It helps me to build conversation in a relaxed and easy going way. Thank you so much for your patience and dedication!" 

Luisa Madeira - Human resources director


Today was my presentation. I was a little nervous but I was able to do it very well. I feel that I'm stronger and confident when speaking English. Thank you for your support and patience. Apart from teaching me, you gave me the confidence I needed."

Sara Almeida - Financial director & Compliance officer at B.braun medical

"My main goals were to improve my self confidence and my performance when giving presentations in English.

Thanks to Annette's help and patience, I have achieved these goals. 

Our journey is not finished, as there is more to learn.

Thank you Annette!"

Sara Moniz - Medical Advisor (Pharmaceutical industry)

"Taking English lessons  with Annette is very stimulating because it is so different from the conventional teaching. 
The lessons are totally  adapted to the student rhythm and needs. 
Thanks to her method it is easy to study English even after a working day. 
Learning English doesn't need to be boring."

Bruno Alves

"I always had difficulties in English. As I work in a Multinational, English is essential. Before having classes with Annette, I couldn't maintain a conversation nor lead a conference call. With Annette's methodology and, with all that I learnt, I was able to lose my fear and gain confidence. I am now capable of leading a conference call as well as, conversations with my colleagues from around the world."

Fernando Solera

“Annette is the perfect teacher for those who don't have much time but need to improve their English language.

Annette made my learning process simple, fun and motivating. Love her!!!”

Isabel Preciado - Real Estate Developer



·  EDP

·  Cli- Faculdade Letras

·  UON - Consulting

·  ETSA group

·  Pfizer

·  BBraun

·  Bold International

·  White star

·  Brandcare

·  Novartis

·  Securitas Direct

·  Hiscox

·  Uon

·  Credibom

·  AD& C


·  Farmaka

·  Sonae Portugal

·  Re/max For.ever

·  Salsa Jeans Store

·  Barbini Arquitectos Lda

.  Cerat

·  Mars Incorporate

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Contact me!

I would love to include you as part of my professional life, and if you are looking to exceed and excel, feel free to contact me.

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 🇵🇹: +351 964 774 366

 🇪🇸: +34 641 274 763

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